Hill & Romero | Court Reporting Services
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Court Reporting Services

Statewide Deposition Scheduling

Whether you’re in need of court reporting services in Texas or out of state, our staff is ready to assist with all of your scheduling needs. We are happy to schedule realtime, expedited, interpreter, video, or subpoena services for you at your earliest convenience.

Conference Rooms

If you need a location to host your depositions and meetings or to prepare for an upcoming presentation, then use one of our newly-renovated conference rooms. We provide services such as in-house deposition recording and teleconferencing with Skype and Zoom. You can book a conference room with our scheduling department.

Bulk Copying/Scanning

Hill & Romero believes in accommodating the needs of all clients before and during a trial. We offer bulk production and scanning of all legal documents to help streamline your case. The process is simple. Our clients can make a request for exhibits and other bulk documents to be scanned and then copied for upcoming trials.

Document Repository

As our client, you will never have to worry about losing documents again. With our expansive repository, your transcripts and exhibits are kept secure and confidential. If you should need immediate access, you can request transcripts to be sent to you by email.


Hill & Romero prides itself on being an eco-friendly firm that offers paperless transcripts. Realtime transcripts and rough drafts can be shared with your firm by the end of a trial day. Electronic transcripts are sent as PDFs via email.