Hill & Romero | Video and Trial Presentation
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Video Services

Recorded Depositions

Depositions are recorded by one of our select videographers and are produced in a timely manner. You can also have peace of mind in knowing that your footage will never be lost since we preserve all video for your firm for future reference.

Video/Text Synchronization

If your case requires a more impactful medium to present videos or exhibits, then consider our video/transcript synchronization service. It’s compatible with DepoView and will emphasize a clearer understanding of your case to both judge and jury.

On-Site Inspections – Videos/Still Photos

You can make an appointment with our videographers for on-site inspections, no matter the location. Whether covering an area of disaster or faulty equipment, our videographers will record detailed and clean footage. We capture both video and still photography and can edit out or add in the audio of footage if necessary.

Video Editing and Production

Our department’s in-house video editing and production services can meet a variety of needs. We integrate documentation, videos, stills, and statements into a realtime presentation and can also include verbiage per your request. We also work with a variety of technologies such as

  • Summation
  • Sanction
  • Trial Director
  • DepoView for iPad
  • Elmo/PIP Depositions

Edited presentations and video depositions can be shared through email or USB and are transferrable to DVD, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4 platforms.

Trial Presentations

We can also prep audio and visual mediums for your trial, including equipment setup and takedown. Before a trial presentation, we ask that you clarify which piece of equipment you plan to use so that we may provide it to you. Our videographers can also prepare a one-on-one meeting with you to print out a run-report of what will be covered in the trial.